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3 ideas to Max your music budget 

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1.  Band or DJ?

If your guests list is 150 or less, then a DJ is the best value.  A live band can take a big bite from your budget, while a disc jockey is about 25-35% of the cost of a band.
A band might overwhelm the amount of guests; a DJ gives you more beats per buck!

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2.  Live music & DJ 

Have live music (classical or jazz -- solo pianist or piano & woodwind) for Ceremony and Cocktail Hour, then DJ for the Reception.  This line up creates great juxtaposition between the three event segments -- Traditional  Ceremony, Cool Cocktails, Contemporary Reception.


3.  Live music through dinner,

then DJ for dancing 

Have Classical or Jazz Trio (or Quartet) perform for Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, then continuing into Dinner.  After dinner, have the DJ begin dance and party music.
Engage the live music for 3 hours; DJ (include lighting) for 3 hours -- you’ll get the best of both for less cost than a full band alone.


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